Since debt collection issues run like a common thread through all areas of law, Van Emstede & Slager Advocaten has also specialised in debt collection issues.
Virtually every entrepreneur will at some time or other have to deal with a payment conflict that may have arisen for a variety of reasons.
Payment conflicts often lead to indignation / emotion. However, an emotional approach often produces little or no results and therefore a business approach to your collection is the most effective.

Resolving a payment conflict out of court, or without asking the court for a judgement, requires a consistent and solution-oriented approach, an approach without emotion, however justified that emotion may be.
Van Emstede & Slager Advocaten knows the water recreation sector like no other and knows how things work, so to speak, so that you can be assured of the right business assistance.
Van Emstede & Slager Advocaten’s aim is to ensure that you receive what you are entitled to, i.e. your money, preferably free of charge but, in any event, without excessive costs.