We specialise in cases involving various contracts, including contracting agreements, such as (yacht) building, repair and renovation contracts, sale and purchase contracts, commission contracts, lease and rental contracts and debt-collection. In addition, we specialise in procedural law, the law of seizure and appeal proceedings.

Nautical lawyers

Nautical law is a special subject requiring expertise in which Van Emstede & Slager Advocaten are second to none.
Van Emstede & Slager Advocaten have protected the interests of entrepreneurs in the water-sports industry since 1987. The qualification of nautical lawyer underlines that our firm has all the required knowledge of the areas of law, which an entrepreneur in the water-recreation industry may be faced with; our firm prides itself on a close and strong network of experts in the water-recreation industry (yacht builders, yacht painters, yacht architects, yacht brokers, nautical experts and marina operators).

Nautical law

What is nautical law?
Nautical law as such is not included in the Dutch civil code.
Nautical law is in fact a specialist term devised by Mr Ivo van Emstede as an outline of the law areas which entrepreneurs and/or consumers in the water-recreation industry may have to be dealing with.

Nautical law covers areas such as contract law, consumer law, purchase and sale, rental and leasing, contracting, commission agreements, contract law, liability law, law of seizure and debt collection in case of an established agreement or a dispute relating to a pleasure yacht or a matter related to a pleasure yacht.

Van Emstede & Slager Advocaten have made nautical law their expertise and is therefore your first point of contact for legal issues relating to pleasure yachts.

Water sports lawyers under concession

Ivo van Emstede has been a HISWA attorney since 1987 and a HISWA Partner in Business since 1992.
The 13 sets of general terms and conditions and the various standard contracts drafted by him over 30 years ago continue to apply in the water-recreation industry. They have been approved by the Social and Economic Council and are considered as a balanced and consumer-friendly instrument in any dispute.

From 1 January 2018, attorney Ivo van Emstede has transferred his nautical practice to his successor attorney Edwin Slager, who will still be assisted by him for some time. You are therefore assured of the same practical methods, the same expertise of the water-recreation industry and the same solution-driven actions as those provided by attorney Van Emstede. 

nautisch advocaat
mr. Edwin H.J. Slager
Edwin Slager is known as a tenacious fighter who defends his clients’ rights and interests as if they were his own.
nautisch advocaat
mr. Ivo M.F. van Emstede
Ivo M.F. van Emstede has a long track record in the water-recreation industry.