nautisch advocaat
Ivo M.F. van Emstede
Sworn in as an attorney in 1981, nautical lawyer, versed in contract law, purchase/sale, contracting, liability law, contract law, civil procedural law, attachment law (vessels) and debt-collection cases. Ivo M.F. van Emstede has represented the interests of entrepreneurs in the water-recreation industry since 1987. Attorney Ivo van Emstede is the author of the 13 sets of general terms and conditions of the industry organisation HISWA Association and of various HISWA standard contracts. In 1992, attorney Ivo van Emstede became 'HISWA Partner in Business' of the HISWA Association and on 6 December 2018, he was appointed 'member of merit' by the General Members' Meeting of HISWA Association.
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